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Neuroscience Alumni Build Networks Between the Brain and Social Work

When Associate Professor Jessica Black set out to establish her innovative program merging neuroscience with social work, she knew that, in order for it to be truly successful, it would need to impact the most students as possible. From the clinical concentrator dedicated to serving those living at the margins on the front lines, to the macro specialist with aspirations of one day occupying a major public office, each could benefit greatly from understanding the impact of social context on brain development. Read more on the blog »

Erin Gerber MSW ’09

Distinguished Alumnus Nick Teich Builds Inclusive Camps for Marginalized Youth

Alumnus Nick Teich, MSW ’09, the founder and CEO of Harbor Camps, was recognized in a ceremony on January 27 in Gasson Hall for his distinguished accomplishments in the field of social work. Nick sat down with BCSSW after the ceremony to discuss what Boston College meant to him, and how the support he received here has allowed him to establish, and grow, a first-of-its kind inclusive camp for transgender youth. Read more on the blog »



Mock Interviewing - requires sign up

Wed-Friday, March 21-23, 2018

For final year students only. Students must sign up in advance. Times and locations of mock interviews are scheduled on an individual basis.