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Boston College School of Social Work
HRSA Grantees Learn Behavioral Health Care while on the Job

The second HRSA cohort

BCSSW's HRSA award enters its second academic year, with a new cohort of 20 grantees who are receiving behavioral health training in primary care settings across Boston. Here, we introduce you to two of those students. Read more on the Blog »

BCSSW Students Reflect on 'Why Social Work?'

'Why Social Work?'

It is always a a good time to reflect on where we are in our lives, and where we would like to go. Members of the BCSSW Macro Social Work Student Group gathered to do just this, in a new workshop convened by Professors Tiziana Dearing and Margaret Lombe entitled "Remembering Your Why." Read more on the Blog »


Financial Aid

Banner for BCSSW Scholarship Database

Boston College School of Social Work values the commitment you are making to your education and will do its best to help you to fulfill that commitment. We offer a wide range of scholarships, stipends, and assistantships, and can direct you to loans, fellowships, grants, and work opportunities.

School of Social Work financial aid includes Presidential Tuition Scholarships that recognize academic merit, experience, and diversity.

Federal and University financial aid includes Perkins and Stafford loans as well as work-study opportunities.

We can also help you identify outside sources for scholarships, fellowships, and grants as well as assistantships and employment opportunities.

View our MSW Financial Aid FAQs for more information.