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Boston College School of Social Work

Hae Nim Lee

Hae Nim Lee

MSW, Washington University in St. Louis

Research Interests

Adolescent well-being in multicultural families, immigrant health, work and well-being of immigrants, cross cultural research

Organization Affiliations

Center on Aging and Work, Society for Social Work Research, American Public Health Association


Tran, T.V., & Lee, H.N. (In press). Perceived community efficacy, social networks and depression in a sample of Vietnamese Americans living in Post-Hurricane Katrina areas. Race, Gender & Class.

Wu, E., El-Bassel, N., Gilbert, L., Hess, L., Lee, H. N., & Rowell, T. (2012). Prior incarceration and barriers to receipt of services among entrants to alternative to incarceration programs: A Gender-Based Disparity. Journal of Urban Health, 89(2), 384-395.

Pandey, S., Gyanesh, L., & Lee, H. N. (2012). Effect of women's empowerment on their utilization of health services: A case of Nepal. International Social Work, 55(4), 554-573.

Pandey, S. & Lee, H. N. (2012). Determinants of child immunization in Nepal: the role of women's empowerment. Health Education Journal, 71(6), 642-653.