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Boston College School of Social Work

Sandee Tisdale

Sandee Tisdale

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


MSW, Boston College; PhD, Boston College

Doctoral Graduation Date

May 2012

Current Position

Adjunct Faculty, Boston College School of Social Work

Research Interests

Work and families; Human Development; family policy; adolescent outcomes

Dissertation Title

Adolescent Well-Being Outcomes of Parental Perceptions of Work: Effects of Family Processes

Awards and Fellowships

National Council on Family Relations Policy Award, AARP Massachusetts research stipend, Donald J. White Teaching Award


Tisdale, S., & Pitt-Catsouphes, M. (2012). Linking social environments with the well-being of adolescents in dual-earner families. Youth & Society, 44(1), 116-138.

Hill, E.J., Allen, S., Pitt-Catsouphes, M., Crouter, A., Grzywacz, J., Matz-Costa, C., & Shulkin, S. (2008). Defining and conceptualizing workplace flexibility. Community, Work, and Family, 11(2), 149-163.

Civian, J., Richman, A., Shannon, L., Shulkin, S., & Brennan, R. (June 2008). Using a multi-organization database: Research methods, strengths, and limitations. Community, Work, and Family, 11(2), 139-148.

Grzywacz, J., Carlson, D., & Shulkin, S. (2008). Schedule flexibility and stress: Linking formal flexible arrangements and perceived flexibility to employee health. Community, Work, and Family, 11(2), 199-214.