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Boston College School of Social Work

Christopher Salas-Wright

Christopher Salas-Wright

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


MA, Boston College; MSW, University of Washington; PhD, Boston College; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Brown University

Doctoral Graduation Date

August 2012

Current Position

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, University of Texas at Austin; Faculty Affiliate, Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS), University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests

Substance abuse prevention; youth violence and delinquency; high-risk and gang-involved Latino youth; the role of spirituality and religiosity in positive youth development

Organization Affiliations

College of Problems on Drug Dependence, National Hispanic Science Network on Drug Abuse, International AIDS Society, Society for Research on Adolescence, Council on Social Work Education, Society of Social Work Research

Dissertation Title

Spirituality, religiosity, and problem behavior among high-risk and gang-involved youth in El Salvador


Vaughn, M.G, Salas-Wright, C.P., & Shook, J. (in press). Exploring the variation in drug selling among adolescents in the United States.  Journal of Criminal Justice.

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Salas-Wright, C.P., Vaughn, M.G., & Maynard, B.R. (in press). Religiosity and violence among adolescents in the United States: Findings from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2006-2010.  Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Vaughn, M.G., Salas-Wright, C.P., & Maynard, B.R. (in press). Drug abuse and addiction careers: A cell to society perspective.  In B. Boutwell, K. Beaver, & J.C. Barnes (Eds.), The Nurture versus Biosocial Debate in Criminology.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Salas-Wright, C.P., Olate, R., & Vaughn, M.G. (2013).  The protective effects of religious coping and spirituality on delinquency: Results among high-risk and gang-involved Salvadoran youth.  Criminal Justice and Behavior.  Advance online publication.  doi: 10.1177/0093854813482307

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Olate, R., Salas-Wright, C.P., & Vaughn, M.G. (2011). A cross-national comparison of externalizing behaviors among high-risk youth and youth gang members in metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts, and San Salvador, El Salvador. Victims & Offenders, 6(4), 356-369. 

Olate, R., & Salas-Wright, C.P. (2010). ¿Cómo intervenir en los problemas de violencia y delincuencia juvenil?  El fracaso de los enfoques punitivos y las posibilidades del enfoque de la salud pública [How can we create social interventions to reduce juvenile delinquency and violence?  The failure of the punitive approach and the possibilities of a public health framework]. Revista de Trabajo Social, 79, 7-21.