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Boston College School of Social Work
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Ingenious People

Jessica Black

Expanding Our Understanding

Assistant Professor Jessica Black sees neuroscience as a critical component to the core of social work training.  More about Expanding Our... »

AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, where Bryan Harter, MSW '05, is director

Real Careers Have Curves

If you read between the lines of Bryan Harter's resume, you could say he's been preparing to be a social worker his entire life.  More about Real Careers... »

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Three- & Four-Year Programs

It's common for students committed to social work to have other commitments. Our Three- & Four-Year Programs allow you to shape your program around work and family without sacrificing academic excellence.

The three-year program divides the equivalent of the first-year full-time year into two years. Students take two courses each semester for the first year. In the second year, students again take two courses per semester, and add the first field internship during the academic year or postpone the field placement to a summer block placement if currently employed in an eligible human services position. It may also be possible to do the field internship in the student's employing agency. During the third year, students have a full-time course load and complete the final field placement. If you are interested in more flexibility, you may extend the program to a fourth year by dividing your final year of coursework into two years.

You may begin the three- or four-year options at either the main campus in Chestnut Hill or at our off-campus location in Worcester. Students enrolled at the Chestnut Hill campus, regardless of specialization (Clinical or Macro), will take all of their courses at the Chestnut Hill campus. At the Worcester site, Clinical students will complete two years of coursework at the Worcester site and take the remaining courses at Chestnut Hill. Macro students at the Worcester site will take one of their required Macro classes at Chestnut Hill during the first year, and two of the required Macro courses at Chestnut Hill during the second year. All Worcester students complete their coursework at Chestnut Hill as part of the three- or four-year plan, however students may choose to complete their field placements in the Worcester area.

Three- & Four-Year Program students take the same courses with the same program options and opportunities as full-time students.

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