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Boston College School of Social Work
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Ingenious People

Jessica Black

Expanding Our Understanding

Assistant Professor Jessica Black sees neuroscience as a critical component to the core of social work training.  More about Expanding Our... »

AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, where Bryan Harter, MSW '05, is director

Real Careers Have Curves

If you read between the lines of Bryan Harter's resume, you could say he's been preparing to be a social worker his entire life.  More about Real Careers... »

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Field Support

Administrative Team

The Field Education department at Boston College School of Social Work is composed of Master's Level social workers who have decades of combined social work experience. In addition to the Director and Assistant Director, Field Education Specialists will work with students to determine the best internship opportunity available, given a student's experience, interests, and goals. Specialists utilize their own practice experiences in advising and supporting students in their selection and development of the practicum. Another primary responsibility of the Field Education team is facilitating the relationships with agency partners, which allow the practice community to inform the curriculum, as well as bring academic expertise to agency efforts at research and innovation.

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All students are assigned an Advisor to support them during their education. While students are in Field, the advisor takes on the added responsibility of monitoring the educational process in the practicum. These advisors serve as a liaison between the school, the student, and the affiliated agency to assist in meeting the educational requirements for field education and integrate learning in the classroom and field. In addition to their position here at the school, many of these advisors are active practitioners and administrators in a variety of human services settings around the region.

The role of advisors includes the following:

  • Meet with students on a regular basis, individually and/or in a group
  • Provide guidance and educational support
  • Maintain ongoing contact with the field supervisor and agency personnel
  • Review Field Education assignments, assess student performance, and assign a grade at the end of each semester

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Foundation Year Seminar

The Foundation Year Seminar focuses on effective ways to use the Field structure and requirements, to actively participate in supervision, to adapt to the professional social work role, and to understand the organizational and community context for social work practice. The seminar is for Foundation Year Field students only.

The seminar is structured as follows:

  • Scheduled and facilitated by the student's Advisor
  • 5 monthly sessions, each 2 hours in length
  • Hosted at location of the advisor's choosing, either at agency/community location or on campus
  • Students are excused from Field to attend if held on Monday or Tuesday