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Professor Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes and Professor Stephanie Berzin of the Social Innovation and Leadership Program

A Program for Transformative Social Change

In the entrepreneurial spirit, Professor Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes and Professor Stephanie Berzin have taken leadership roles in the establishment of a new BCSSW macro program: Social Innovation and Leadership Program and Collaborative (SIL).  More about A Program for Transformative... »

Professor Paul Kline

Re-Imagining Diversity

The Boston College School of Social Work made a historic commitment to infuse cross-cultural training into every single course.  More about Re-Imagining Diversity »

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Field Placement Schedule

The field placement schedule varies depending on whether students choose a two-, three-, or four-year program of study.

Two-Year Program

Foundation Year

  • 16 hours per week for 30 weeks, minimum of 480 hours
  • Typically Monday and Tuesday of each week
  • Early September through the first week of May

Advanced Year

  • 24 hours per week for 30 weeks, minimum of 720 hours
  • Typically Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week
  • Early September through the first week of May

Flexible schedules must be agreeable to the agency supervisor and approved by the student's advisor and/or the Field Education department.

Three-Year or Four-Year Program

There are two options for the field placement schedule for students in the Three-Year Program. All extended-program students should consult with the BCSSW Advising Center and work closely with their advisor to determine their capacity and suitability for either field placement schedule.

Concurrent Field Placement
Students with no current social work employment begin their placement at the start of Year Two of the Three-Year Program and follow the schedules outlined above for both the Foundation Year and the Advanced Year.

Summer Block Field Placement
The Foundation Year field placement can be completed in the summer after Year Two under the following conditions:

  • Student is employed in a human service agency during Year Two;
  • Student's employer is agreeable to allowing student to complete classroom assignments based on work product of agency;
  • Student's employment must be approved by the Field Education department as appropriate for integration of learning. This occurs in the spring of Year One.

Summer Block placement is scheduled for 40 hours per week from late May through August between Year Two and Year Three. Students typically continue in the same placement agency in the fall to complete their Advanced Year placement, with the schedule listed above.

Placement in Employing Agency

In certain instances, students may complete their field education requirements by doing a field placement at the agency where they are employed, called a "PEA." The agency must meet the following requirements:

  • MSW supervision from a person who is not the employee's current supervisor;
  • A placement experience that offers different responsibilities from those that exist in the student's current employee role;
  • Continued financial support to the student as an employee.

For this placement option, students must submit a proposal outlining the arrangement and obtain a signed agreement from agency administration. Please contact the Field Education office at or 617-552-4027 to obtain the guidelines for the PEA proposal and agreement.