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Boston College School of Social Work
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Andrea Cohen, MSW '84

Thinking Creatively about Senior Care

Andrea Cohen, MSW ’84, is dedicated to helping seniors age in place. As CEO of HouseWorks she has been a pioneer in private home care.  More about Thinking Creatively... »

Erin Gerber MSW ’09

'It's That Voice'

As a gender-based trainer/counselor in Thailand, Erin Gerber, MSW ’09, helped to empower refugees to find their voice.  More about 'It's That Voice' »

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Photo of student expressing appreciation for her field supervisor at Mary Mason Event.

Field Education

Field Education is the cornerstone of the Boston College School of Social Work curriculum and where the integration of learning happens. It provides opportunities for students to apply classroom knowledge in actual practice situations with individuals, families, and groups, within communities and organizations. Field Education offers:

  • direct service delivery and intensive "hands on" exposure to develop a professional social work identity
  • an apprenticeship with an experienced supervisor, who provides mentoring and preparation for a career in social work
  • a student cohort that gives more than 250,000 hours annually in service to the community in Boston and around New England

The Field Education curriculum is structured to provide a varied, individualized, practical learning experience for each student. Students will develop an understanding of the professional roles and responsibilities of the social work profession over the course of two practicum assignments, each at a separate agency.

The Foundation Year placement is designed to familiarize students with the basic knowledge, skills, and values of social work. The Advanced Year placement is based on the student's selected concentration (Children, Youth & Families; Global Practice; Health & Mental Health; Older Adults & Families) and will build on those foundational experiences, with increased autonomy and complexity in the assigned cases and projects.

After the completion of a Field Placement Application, each practicum is chosen from a variety of settings, geographic locations, and populations, based on each student's experience and goals. The matching process is facilitated by Field Education Specialists at Boston College School of Social Work. They discuss student interests and abilities and then identify an agency that will be the best learning experience, initiating the selection process. See the Field Agency Database for an overview of the possible agency matches.

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