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Boston College School of Social Work
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Vibrant Programs

Professor Paul Kline

Re-Imagining Diversity

The Boston College School of Social Work made a historic commitment to infuse cross-cultural training into every single course.  More about Re-Imagining Diversity... »

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Course Descriptions and Schedules

Students can search for Boston College School of Social Work courses based on semester, location, day of the week, or instructor. The results of the search will include links to additional details on the course and the official course description. Additionally, you can view a list of descriptions for all available BCSSW courses. 

BCSSW Course Descriptions

Current BCSSW Course Descriptions
2015-2016 MSW Elective Course Descriptions (PDF updated 7/6/15)

MSW Course Schedules

Fall 2015 Schedule of Courses (PDF updated 8/27/15)
Spring 2016 Schedule of Courses (PDF updated 7/6/15)
Worcester 2015-2016 Schedule of Courses (PDF updated 3/26/15)

PhD Course Schedules

Fall 2014 Schedule of Courses (PDF updated 9/3/14)
2015-2016 PhD Schedule of Courses (PDF updated 5/1/15)

If you are unable to access the PDFs and are using the most recent version of Adobe Reader, please email