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Boston College School of Social Work

Westy Egmont

Westy Egmont

Associate Professor of Macro Practice, Global Practice
Director, Immigrant Integration Lab

Westy Egmont joined the faculty of the Boston College School of Social Work (BCSSW) to teach social policy and build connections between academic work in diversity and the increasing cosmopolitan population of the foreign born in the region.

With a doctorate in pastoral counseling, Dr. Egmont has focused on the human needs and social services of newcomer communities, immigrant rights, and the complex dynamic two-way process of immigrant integration. His work has led to the creation of BCSSW’s Immigrant Integration Lab, a pioneering endeavor in relating demographic shifts of developed nations, social policy, and social practices that foster the full economic, social and civic participation of the newcomer to studying  the mechanisms of incorporation by the receiving society. Prior work as a missionary educator and in executive leadership of anti-poverty social service agencies makes the issue of applied research his priority. Dr. Egmont was the Laetare Sunday speaker at Boston College years before joining the faculty as an advocate for addressing human needs. He has served as a policy advisor to five governors of Massachusetts regarding the immigrant population.

His current courses cover immigration policy and practice and have led to a certificate program for students focusing on the subject. Courses include two travel courses, one to Europe comparing the social policy and action of EU countries with that of the U.S. and another course that explores the U.S. borderland, migrant rights, the needs of unauthorized migrants, and the emergence of divided receiving communities. Dr. Egmont emphasizes the role social work can play in fostering healthy migrant families and communities.

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