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Boston College School of Social Work

Office: McGuinn Hall 118
Phone: 617-552-0197
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Areas of Expertise

Stephanie Berzin

Stephanie Berzin

Associate Professor, Children, Youth & Families
Assistant Dean, Doctoral Program
Co-Director, Center for Social Innovation 

Stephanie Cosner Berzin, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, Doctoral Program at Boston College School of Social Work. Dr. Berzin co-led the curriculum redesign and the development of the strategic vision for the Macro: Social Innovation + Leadership Program. Dr. Berzin has developed coursework around social innovation, social entrepreneurship, leadership, and resource development. Her scholarship centers on two lines of inquiry related to how social context impacts youth development and how social sector agencies can enhance their capacity to serve through innovation. Complementary lines of research have worked towards meeting these aims, mainly 1) research on social sector agencies and social innovation practice, and 2) research on innovative programs in youth service delivery. 

Dr. Berzin serves as co-director of the Center for Social Innovation, which works to build the evidence-base for social innovation, prepare tomorrow’s social sector leaders, and promote the capacity of existing agencies to respond to social issues. Her research work has focused on social entrepreneurship, on factors supporting innovation in human service agencies, and on building organizational capacity for social impact. Dr. Berzin works with social sector leaders to develop their skill-set related to innovation both locally and abroad. Research examining the potential for social intrapreneurship supports this aim. 

Complementary research examines the life course experience of vulnerable youth around life transitions. She has served as principle investigator for several studies related to youth transition and related to social work in schools. For her work on youth aging out of foster care, she was awarded the Frank R. Breul Memorial Prize for outstanding contribution in Social Service Review in 2009.

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