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Boston College School of Social Work

Scott Easton

Scott Easton

Assistant Professor, Health & Mental Health

Scott D. Easton, PhD, joined the Boston College School of Social Work (BCSSW) faculty in 2011 in the Department of Mental Health. Prior to his appointment, Dr. Easton worked as a therapist or counselor in several settings (public agency, adolescent substance abuse center, university admissions). He enjoys incorporating those experiences into courses that he teaches such as Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Psychosocial Pathology, and Research Methods.

Dr. Easton's research has focused primarily on understanding risk and protection factors for long-term mental health outcomes of adults who experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACE) such as sexual abuse. He partnered with three national survivor organizations in conducting the largest study to date on adult male survivors of sexual abuse (2010 Health and Well-being Survey). This study resulted in numerous peer-reviewed publications on topics such as disclosure patterns, trauma processing, suicidality, and post-traumatic growth. His program of research was profiled in a video module as part of the series BC Talks Aging

He has received funding for his scholarly endeavors from the John A. Hartford Foundation (Doctoral Fellowship Program), the Boston College Institute on Aging (Aging Research Incentive Grant), and the Boston College Office of the Provost. Most recently, he received an R03 Award from the National Institute on Aging/National Institutes of Health (R03AG048768), a "Population Analysis of Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse at Mid and Late Life."

Because of his experience, Dr. Easton was appointed by Cardinal Sean O'Malley to serve on the Archdiocese Review Board for the Catholic Church of Boston. He also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Loss and Trauma and Psychology of Men and Masculinity, and on the advisory committee of the Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatric Social Work.

Dr. Easton's secondary area of research includes social welfare policies of the Middle East and the acculturation of Arab-Americans. During a one-year fellowship through Harvard University, he conducted research on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in Jerusalem and volunteered at a rehabilitation center in the West Bank. He has also served as the Director of Media and Public Relations for the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee in Washington, DC.

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