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Boston College School of Social Work

Office: McGuinn Hall 304
Phone: 617-552-0651
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Rocío Calvo

Rocio Calvo

Associate Professor, Global Practice and Health & Mental Health

Rocío Calvo, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Global Practice Concentration at Boston College School of Social Work (BCSSW), a visiting scientist at the Center for Population and Development at Harvard University, and a research affiliate of the Risk Project.

Dr. Calvo investigates alternative indicators of immigrants’ adjustment in receiving societies from an interdisciplinary perspective. She focuses on two main issues, the determinants of immigrants’ happiness as a complementary indicator of immigrant incorporation, and the role of the system of social protection on the incorporation of immigrants. Dr. Calvo, along with professor Mary C. Waters from Harvard University, is the co-principal investigator of the study Immigrant Experiences Accessing Social Services: An Unexamined Dimension of Assimilation. The study explores, through the voices of Latino immigrants in Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, and Madrid, issues of accessibility to social services and how the interactions with providers shape immigrants’ adjustment and perceptions of belonging in recipient societies.

Additionally, Dr. Calvo is the Director of the Latino Leadership Initiative at BCSSW, which prepares future leaders of social work to better serve Latino populations. She also coordinates the course Diversity and Cross-Cultural Issues and teaches Social Services with Latino Populations in the United States. For the 2015-16 academic year, Dr. Calvo was recognized as "Mentor of the Year" by the BCSSW doctoral program for her commitment to helping students progress in their professional development.

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