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Erika Sabbath

Research Spotlight

Sabbath Leads $1.6 Million Study on Workplace Health & Safety

The project, conducted in conjunction with the Harvard Center for Work, Health, and Wellbeing, aims to analyze factors in the workplace that affect health and safety, including such measures as exposures to workplace policies and practices, work-related stress, and physical health hazards like lifting and bending.

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Video Spotlight

Impact: A Video Series

In 2017, the Boston College School of Social Work is launching a series of videos highlighting the impact of several of our school’s initiatives that innovatively redefine social work higher education, towards our end goal of effecting change in all corners of the globe.

Each of these programs, from the Latino Leadership Initiative, to the Immigrant Integration Lab, to RISE3, carry the transdisciplinary, place-based focus that we bring with us in everything we do.

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