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Boston College School of Social Work
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Jessica Black

Program Spotlight

Jessica Black Forges New Space Between Neuroscience & Social Work

In this Q&A, Professor Black discusses her firm belief that neuroscience is a critical component of any social work training. She also explains some of the ways in which she's innovating within this novel area of inquiry. One example: an upcoming first-of-its-kind neuroscience and social work symposium to be held on campus this coming fall.

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Claudette Colvin

Event Spotlight

Civil Rights Pioneer Ignites Spirit of Activism at Boston College

Claudette Colvin spoke at BC Social Work about her life at the center of the civil rights movement, remembering the day 60 years ago when she refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus. Claudette encouraged faculty, students, and alumni to stand up and provide a compassionate voice when confronted with social injustice.

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