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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Gasson Hall

Reflections on 9/11

College of Arts and Sciences Dean David Quigley, who had spent much of the summer preceding the attacks conducting research in and on New York City, reflects on the tragedy and its aftermath. More


Vice Provost for Research and Academic Planning

Thomas Chiles, the Michael E. and Dr. Salvatore A. DeLuca Professor of Biology, has been named vice provost for research and academic planning. BC Chronicle

Patricia Leavy

ACA Award

Ph.D. alumna Patricia Leavy is the first sociologist to win the American Creativity Association Special Achievement Award, which honors achievements in innovation and creativity in all fields.

Graduate Students Honored

In recognition of their excellence as teaching fellows or teaching assistants, a select group of BC graduate students received the Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award. Also. Kelly Dumais, a doctoral student in psychology, was awarded the Engelhard Pingree Fellowship.

Kate Olson

Grant recipient

Ph.D. candidate Kate Olson has won a grant for research from E3: Economics for Equity and Environment. Her project, entitled “The New Food Economy in Vermont: evaluating the Hardwick model”, is to study the growth of an alternative food network. Professor Juliet Schor is Kate's advisor.

More features

Jonathan Laurence

Aftermath of Paris attacks

In the days following the terrorist attacks in France, Associate Professor of Political Science Jonathan Laurence did a number of interviews with CNN live from Paris (CNN 1/9 | CNN 1/10CNN 1/11 | CNN 1/13), as well as with MSNBC, PRI 'The World' and the New York Times. He also wrote about the future of the National Front, France's far right political party, in Slate, and on extremist attacks on free speech for Brookings UpFront.

T. Ross Kelly

Chemist's Curiosities Beckon Learners

Vanderslice Professor of Chemistry T. Ross Kelly's longtime use of scientific curiosities to create hands-on learning experiences for students was featured by the Boston Globe.

Tayfun Sönmez and Utku Ünver

A breath of life

A new model to match lung transplant donors and recipients is the latest project of Professors of Economics Tayfun Sönmez and Utku Ünver, noted for their previous work on kidney exchange. The Economist "Free Exchange".