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Carroll School of Management

Readings for Portico

Fall 2012 readings (subject to change, please consult your professor's syllabus for a complete and up to date listing).

Students are required to purchase a subscription (to last through the semester) of the Wall Street Journal, as well as the Portico Course Pack, which are both available in the Boston College Bookstore. Other readings can be found online or in class. Here is a week by week description of the readings (subject to change, consult your syllabus for details).

Week One

Sept. 3-7

·         The Economist: "Nomads at last: A special report: on mobile telecoms"

·         Sara Corbett, “Can the cell phone help end global poverty?”


Week Two

Sept. 10-14

·         Michael Porter, “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy” (pp. 5 – 25 in Portico)

·         “Apple Inc. in 2010” (Please note: this is an update of the Apple 2008 case found on pp. 27 – 58 in Portico)


Week Three

Sept. 17-21

·         The Economist: The World Turned Upside Down: A special report on innovation in emerging markets

·         Learn about venture capital

David Landes, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations

Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree

Amartya Sen, “How to Judge Globalism” 


Week Four

Sept 24-28

For Dean Boynton's Monday session on the Idea Hunter:

A review of the book

An interview with the authors


·         Richard Spinello, “A Critical Overview of Ethical Frameworks” (pp. 63 – 78 in Portico)

·         Milton Friedman, “The Social Responsibility of Business is to increase its Profits,” 

·         Lynn Sharp Paine, “Ethics: A Basic Framework” (pp. 79 – 86 in Portico

·        “The Good, The Bad, and the Difference” by Randy Cohen



Week Five

Oct 1-5

no readings


Week Six

Oct 8-12

“On task” for group presentations


Week Seven

Oct 15-19

Group presentations


Week Eight

Oct 22-26

·         Ayn Rand, “In Defense of Ethical Egoism” (pp. 111-118 from Spinello – handout)


Recommended for Monday evening: Introductory chapters from Accounting and Finance texts (on e-reserve)

·         Accounting – “Financial Statements and Business Decisions” by Libby ,

·         Finance - “The Corporation and the Financial Manager,” by Brealey,


Week Nine

Oct 29 - Nov 3

·         Utilitarianism (pp. 255 - 262 in Portico)

·         Deontological Theories, Kant (pp. 163 - 172 in Portico)

Recommended for Monday Evening: Introductory chapters from Organizational Studies (on e-reserve)

·         Org Studies – “Why mastering organizational behavior is essential to your career,” by Andre,


Week Ten

Nov 5-9

·         Plato, Gorgias (pp. 89 - 120 in Portico)

·         Plato, Gorgias (pp. 120 - 159 in Portico)

·         William Cronon, “Only Connect”

Recommended for Monday Evening: Introductory chapters from Marketing texts (on e-reserve)

·         Marketing – “What is Marketing,” by Lamb,


Week Eleven

Nov 12-16

·         Nicomachean Ethics, Book One, Chapters 5 & 7

·         Nicomachean Ethics, Book Two, Chapters 1 & 3

·         Nicomachean Ethics, Book Eight, Chapters 1 – 4

·         Nicomachean Ethics, Book Three, Chapters 1 – 5  

Click this link for a full Packet of above-listed Aristotle text

·         James O'Toole, Creating the Good Life, Chapters 3 - 4 


Week Twelve

Nov 19-23

Thanksgiving Break – no class

·         Robert Spitzer, S.J., “Six Steps for Remedying

Contemporary Ethical Problems” starting with the “Conclusion to Section I.” (pp. 270 – 279 in Portico)


Week Thirteen

Nov 26-30

·         Johnson and Johnson Case & James Burke, A Career in American Business A and B (pp. 311 – 328 in Portico)

·       The Boston Beer Company Case  

·         Parable of the Sadhu (pp. 329 – 335 in Portico)

·         James Waters, “Catch 20.5: Corporate morality as an organizational phenomenon”


Week Fourteen

Dec 3-7

·         Chris Lowney, Heroic Living pp.ix – xii; 3-15; 27 – 38; 157 – 185