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Carroll School of Management

News and Updates

Summer readings for the class of 2016 are online.

August 31st Excursion update.

Boston College Magazine article ("Life plan: Portico brings Kant, Bentham, and Charles Ponzi to the Carroll School curriculum")

Boston College Observer 9/22/09 article ("CSOM Makes Portico Program Mandatory")

Boston College Heights 9/21/09 article ("Portico emphasizes leadership and ethics"). 

Boston College Heights 9/14/09 article ("CSOM stresses ethics for business students")

Summer readings  for the class of 2013 were announced on 7/28/09.

Boston College Chronicle 10/24/2008 article

In October, 2008, this was the "Featured Photo" on Boston College's website.

Boston Herald 9/22/2008 article (This link is a preview. The entire article is now archived and the Herald requires a subscription to view it in its entirety.)