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Carroll School of Management

Portico Excursion

On Friday, August 28, The Carroll School Class of 2019 kicked off their academic year with an excursion into Boston. Teams of students (organized by their Portico section and led by their Portico T.A.) used cutting edge technology to navigate the city of Boston, competing against the clock and classmates for prizes.

Examples of excursion tasks include:

  1. Visit the Red Auerbach statue in Faneuil Hall, where Professor LaCombe talks about the convergence of sports, business, and race in Boston.
  2. Visit the South End location of the original Boston College.
  3. Learn about the infamous Whitey Bulger case, including current updates from the FBI, with Professor Cabral.
  4. Explore the MBTA - its history and business model - with Professor Cioni in Harvard Square.
  5. Invest your summer earnings at the financial office of Charles Ponzi.
  6. Tour the West End Museum with Dean Keeley to learn about the "urban villagers" of the West End - an entire neighborhood displaced.
  7. And much, much more!
Portico Excursion Freedom Trail

Teams competed for prizes which were awarded for best presentations and most points collected. Students synthesized the summer readings and excursion during the first week of class, when prizes were announced.

Excursion Schedule

Friday, Aug 28

10:00 am - Meet in small class groups on tba classroom locations.

11:00 am - Travel into Boston to complete tasks

4 pm - Return to campus

First day of class

Discussion and prizes