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Carroll School of Management

Summer Internships

The summer after junior year is the crucial summer and entry level for many employers especially in accounting and finance.

Many students will find their internships through on-campus recruiting, (eagelink) or many of the recruiting events such as the Internship Fair, Career Fair, Marketing Career Night etc.  Also many students have success through their own networking efforst, especially if it is an industry that doesn't typically utilize any type of on campus recruiting.  Below are some helpful resources. 



Sophomores Internships

About 60% of the class of 2011 indicated that they did internships in their sophomore year.  Since many of the larger firms exclude their summer programs to just juniors, this requires sophomore to be more resourceful in their search not limiting their internship search to just campus recruiting but coming all of the resources and listing on EagleLink, UCAN and many other resources listed on the internship page.

Sophomore Summer Leadership Program: Sophomore Leadership Programs are designed by firms to identify strong candidates early by hosting them for a two or three day conference often resulting in an offer for an internship the following summer. Hosted by the big accounting firms and large banks.


Sophomore Specific Internship Programs: This link has a collection of sophomore programs that organizations host each year.  Some organizations have internships specifically for sophomores, some are specific to underrepresented students etc.  Make sure you read the descriptions on their websites as the information constantly changes. 


Here is a list of places that sophomores have worked in the past.  It is not in order geographically but this list was comprised from data that previous graduates provided as to where they did their sophomore internships.


Sophomores should network: In addition most of our sophomores have the most success through networking, either with friends and family or through alumni.  It is important to utilize networking for introduction and information about internships, but no one expects your contact to find you an internship.

  If you are unable to find a summer internship make the most of a summer job, or do volunteer work or look for ways to gain leadership experience.  Employers are interested in seeing how you choose to spend your time, they aren’t making judgments about what is good or bad experience, you need to talk about your experiences with enthusiasm. 


Please note: Having an internship that requires transportation by car does not entitle you to on-campus parking.  Please keep this in mind when considering the locations of internships during the academic year. 



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