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Carroll School of Management

Resume Tips

Common Sections/Headings for College Students

Education: Boston College, Carroll School of Management, Bachelor of Science in Management expected May 20XX.  Concentration(s), include major, GPA (if it’s important or very good), major GPA (if higher), honors, relevant coursework, if you are financing your own education.

Name of institution where you studied abroad, can include high School if you are freshman or sophomore, list significant high school experiences in this section if you want to mention something about h.s. that was exceptional.  By junior year high school information should be omitted in most cases.

Other sections

  • Experience (a good catchall because it can include paid, unpaid, internship, volunteer, etc.)
  • Leadership
  • Volunteer
  • Activities
  • Research
  • Related experience
  • Interests: be specific not generic, it will help you stand out. 
  • Skills: languages if you can speak them, never exaggerate your abilities, typical description would be fluent, proficient, advanced, conversant.  (Two years of h.s. French isn’t worth mentioning)
  • Computer skills, computer programs, specialty software, programming languages, statistical software.

Example Resumes

Here are some  examples of resumes from recent Carroll School graduates who have given us permission to use their senior year resumes for examples.   Take a look at the format and structure as well as the wide range of activities and experiences that the students were involved in while at Boston College.  Please remember to simply use these examples as a guide. 

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5


Resume Template



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