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Carroll School of Management

Job Offers

Deciding whether to decline an employment offer can cause considerable anxiety. It is important that you do not feel pressured to make a hasty and ill-considered decision. Please feel free to talk it over with Amy Donegan or a counselor at the Career Center. 

Should I accept my summer offer or keep interviewing?

If you had a good summer experience and are happy with the offer, you should accept.  Often students hold off on accepting, continue to interview only to end up accepting their summer offer.  Collecting multiple offers takes opportunities away from classmates who do not yet have offers.  This reflects poorly on BC from both the student and employer perspective. 


If you are looking to change industries, then you should decline your offer and create a strategy for your job search.  Do not take an offer that you are not excited about just because it’s an offer.  Just be prepared to work at your job search and get help with your search, expand your resources beyond campus recruiting, networking with alumni will be an invaluable resource to use for this process. 

Waiting on Another Offer?

If you have already been offered a job, yet you are waiting to hear back from another potential employer, look at these tips as to how you should handle this sensitive situation.

Reneging an offer

If you accept your job offer either verbally or in writing you have entered into an agreement with that employer.  Do not consider accepting the offer and continuing to interview.  This reflects badly on you and on Boston College.  Employers talk with one another.  If you have accepted an offer and continue to interview, your on campus recruiting privileges will be revoked and you will lose access to Eaglelink.  You are better off asking for an extension. It is perfectly reasonable to ask, some employers will honor this and some will not but it does not hurt to ask. 

Freshman, sophomores, juniors who accept an offer from an OCR employer, and then renege on their acceptance, lose the eligibility to participate in On-campus Recruiting.

Exploding offers

It is a violation of BC On-Campus Recruiting policy for an employer to give you an exploding offer, defined as: “Any offer that does not afford a candidate the appropriate time as stated in our policy to either accept or decline and/or that has special incentives attached, e.g. diminishing bonuses and location preferences, for the purposes of inducing early acceptances, including language that asks a candidate if they will accept an offer on the same day it is extended.”  BC’s policy is that the employer must give you 30 days from the date you receive the written offer.  This only applies to employers that use on campus recruiting. 

The following two articles are helpful guidelines in making this decision

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