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Seems scarry but with proper preperation you can succeed in securing a great job or internship.


Interview Prep Packets: Comprehensive collection of information/forms to get you prepared


Mock Interviews with Seniors

This year we have compiled a list of seniors who have jobs  by industry, company who are willing to conduct mock interviews with other seniors and  juniors in CSOM.   You can pick up the list in Fulton 360  in September.  They will be able to help you with technical and case as well as behavioral. 


Practice with Interview Stream

Interview stream is a great product offered through the Career Center that allows you to conduct videotaped practice interviews and watch afterwards.  There are all types of interviews available including financial technical.  You can do as many practice interviews as you want, you just need  a laptop with a camera. 


Employers do not interview candidates they do not feel are qualified, therefore once you have made it past the initial screening, it is your opportunity to convince an employer  that you are the right person for the job.   It is often all about “fit”.   With fewer jobs out there, the interview process can be long and fiercely competitive, so you must prepare accordingly.

Research Yourself

  • Clarify the skills and abilities you have to offer an employer. Think of a concrete example for each skill you have.
  • Know your resume.  For everything listed on your resume, you should be able to explain what you learned and what you contributed.   
  • Develop a list of your five to seven strongest skills for a particular position.
  • Focus on a simple message about what you can do for them and what you do better than anyone else they are going to see that day.   Be convincing and compelling and have a story behind it. 

Research the Organization

  • Conduct thorough research on the organization beyond visiting the website.  Find what has been written about the company from outside sources.  Use Boston College Libraries Resources.
  • Check out the Vault guides, you can set up a free account using your Boston College email address and download any of the guides.
  • Use for company research and interview prep.
  • Prepare questions to ask about the organization during the interview.

Research the Position/Field

  • WSO Guides, see link at bottom
  • Research the career field/position you are pursuing.
  • Talk with personal contacts and alumni. This will show initiative and impress the employer that you are serious. 

Prepare for Questions

  • Review the Interview Questions and prepare answers in advance.

  • The University of Pennsylvania has great interviewing resources on their website.

  • Answer questions using specific examples to support your response. Think of the acronym SAR (situation/ action/ result), to focus on specific experiences to support your responses:
    • Situation - describe a situation/conflict/assignment for which you had responsibility.
    • Action - talk about the approach you took to deal with the situation, keep the focus on you.
    • Result - discuss the outcome of your action, making sure to mention accomplishments or improvements resulting from your action.
  • Highlight the skills that you have developed that are transferable to the potential employer.
  • Speak in positive terms about previous experiences and employers.
  • Assume that what you don’t tell an interviewer, she/he will not know.
  • Do not assume that the interviewer has read your resume in depth.
  • Here is a list of almost every behavioral question we could find related to skill areas. You don't need to know every question but the skills sought after would be helpful to prepare examples for.  

Practice Interviewing

  • Attend an Interview Skills Workshop, they are offered regularly at the Career Center the schedule will be posted on the Career Center site. 
  • Utilize Interview Stream (a video practice interview service) You can find this on Eaglelink and then schedule an appointment at the Career Center to go over your interview
  • Schedule a mock interview with one of our Peer Advisors
  • Have a friend play the part of the interviewer to enable you to practice your responses; ask for constructive criticism.

Dress for Success

Reasons why most students don’t get the job.

  • Lack of Self-Knowledge An interviewer cannot determine where you fit into the organization until you explain your career interests and applicable skills. 
  • Lack of Company Knowledge Most employers make information about themselves readily available, especially if they recruit on campus. Failure to review company information demonstrates a lack of interest and initiative.
  • Lack of Questions When employers ask if you have any questions for them, a negative response is the kiss of death, you must have questions or you don’t seem interested. 
  • Lack of Enthusiasm Employers want to hire someone who is excited about the prospect of working with their organization.  You must be excited about the opportunity and you also need to keep them awake during the interview.  Be engaging.  Much of the decision making will be emotional on their part. 
  • Lack of Confidence If you doubt your ability to do the job, an employer will also experience doubt.
  • Poor Communication Skills The employer must be able to hear you, understand your words, and follow your train of thought. The inability to communicate necessary information indicates a lack of practice.

Types of Interviews

Technical /Superdays
For Investment Banking, Sales &Trading, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Fund Management, you will get technical questions.  The following resources can help you prepare.

  • WSO Guides-very comprehensive guides for success in banking including technical questions and the answers.
  • The Vault guides are free to you.  Just use your  BC email address when you register.
  • Video on Investment Banking from Vault.
  • Wall Street Oasis: Guide to Finance Interviews
  • A very helpful article on handling technical questions on the Investment Banking interviews.

Second Round or Site Interviews


Wall Street Oasis – The Premier Financial Career Resource

The Carroll School has arranged access to interview guides provided by Wall Street Oasis for members of the Boston College community. Use this link to gain access to the list of available Wall Street Oasis Interview Guides. (BC username and password required).

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