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Carroll School of Management

Career Information

Carroll School students have two resources for career advising. First, the Boston College Career Center offers a wide range of career resources including: on campus recruiting, career fairs, resume workshops, interview prep, and many more programs to help students with the internship and job search process.  Please visit their website for a list of upcoming events. 

The second resource for Carroll School students can be found right in Fulton Hall.  Amy Donegan is a career services professional who has worked at the Boston College Career Center for over 15 years, her most recent role being the Associate Director/Carroll School liaison. In January 2011, Amy joined the undergraduate advising staff in the Carroll School as the Associate Director for Career Advising.   Carroll School students now have Amy as their own dedicated career advisor in addition to the resources of the Career Center. 

Amy has drop-in hours Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-3:00 pm in her office in Fulton 360C. Amy is also available during Dean’s Coffee on Wednesdays or by appointment. 

There is a sign-up sheet daily outside her door where you can make appointments to discuss the job search, resumes, cover letters, interviewing, internships, etc.

You can also make an appointment for issues that may take more time such as mock interviews, a career assessment, deciding between offers, or formulating your job search.  Just email Amy at donegana, to set up a time. 

  • Marketing Career Night This year's event is Tuesday, March 24th in Fulton Hall Honors Library.
  • Junior Internship Open house : January 14, 2015.  6-8,  Fulton Honors Library.  This is a program to help sophomores/juniors get ready for the summer internship season.  This program features Seniors with jobs in different areas that you can connect with to learn more about the field and what to expect in interviews.   We will be dividing you up by your area of interest and interview type for a deep dive into Behavioral,Case, Technical . 


  • Interview Prep Week: Begins September 19th.  Sign up through Eaglelink.  This program features interview skills workshops and mock interviews by employers.  The Interview Training Week is aimed at getting seniors ready for the campus interviews that will begin as early as October.
  • For students interested in consulting make sure to attend Marc Cosentino (author of Case in Point) on Friday, September 19th, 10 AM in the Fulton Honors Library.