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Carroll School of Management

Sophomore Advising

In your sophomore year, you will start to explore the concentrations and whether or not you will have any majors or minors outside of the Carroll School.  You will also start thinking about studying abroad and the many considerations that will shape your decision—where to go, when to go, what to study.  Using the 4-Year Course Plan that you created in Portico, you will be able to map out how this will all fit into your schedule.  Outside of the classroom, you are probably continuing to get involved in clubs and activities and may start taking on leadership roles.

  • Faculty Advisor:  You will have an assigned individual faculty advisor in the Carroll School. Most sophomores are still exploring their concentration options so your faculty advisor assigned to you might not be in your concentration area. Ask them for their perspective on how to take full advantage of college and what advice they can offer from their own experience.

  • Peer Advisors: You will have access to the EY Peer Advisors, seniors in the Carroll School who hold weekly drop-in hours.  The Peer Advisors represent a wide range of experiences which is why so many students find their guidance helpful in deciding on a concentration, registering for courses, getting involved on campus, studying abroad, and interviewing for internships.

  • Dean's Office Staff Advisors:  Sophomores are assigned to a member of the Associate Dean's Office staff who is available to discuss any advising concerns you may have.The staff advisors can assist you with questions about academic policies (e.g. what is the language requirement?), course requirements (e.g. when is the earliest I can take Marketing Principles?), and studying abroad (e.g. what courses can I take abroad?)
    Students are assigned by their last name:
    • Students with the last name beginning with A through G should contact Sara Nunziata, Assistant Director,, Fulton 221.
    • Students with the last name beginning with H through O should contact Josephine Xiong, Assistant Director, at, Fulton 259.
    • Students with the last name beginning with P through Z should contact Erica Graf, Associate Director, at, Fulton 360.

  • Drop-in hours and Dean’s Coffee:  The Associate Dean’s office offers drop-in hours in Fulton 360 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, 10:00 am-12:00 pm and 1:00-3:00 pm as well as Dean’s Coffee every Wednesday, 1:00-3:00 pm in Fulton Honors Common.

  • Office of International Programs: If you are interested in studying abroad, the best place to start is to stop by the Office of International Programs at the Hovey House to browse the Resource Library and meet with an Advising Assistant.

  • Career Exploration Resources: Sophomore year is a good time to start reflecting on your strengths and interests and learn about career path options.  Resources for this process include the Career Center, Halftime Retreat, and Amy Donegan who serves as the Associate Director for Career Advising.  Many students participate in the Sophomore Accelerator program which is offered two times a year.
Student with Dean Sullivan and Professor Twomey
Student with Dean Sullivan and Professor Twomey at Dean's Coffee

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