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Carroll School of Management

The International Management Experience

The International Management Experience is a two week academic credit program designed to promote understanding of international business strategies and operations. Rising juniors visit leading European companies in financial services, pharmaceuticals, and automotive industries across various cities such as Frankfurt, Strasbourg, and Basel.

The exposure to different markets and companies encourages students to critically discuss a wide range of business methods. Debates range from whether Switzerland would benefit as a member of the European Union to how a boutique brewery can effectively market its brand. Conversations with top executives give students insight to their business strategies and provide guidance to potential career opportunities.

Students not only learn valuable business knowledge, but they also form strong relationships with classmates and teachers. The afternoons following business visits and the evenings in the city enable them to share unique experiences together. Dinner outside the Strasbourg Cathedral de Notre-Dame and a boat tour of Strasbourg are memorable nights during the two week excursion.

2011 Summer Trip:
Basel, Switzerland Destinations
  • F. Hoffman - La Roche Ltd
  • Ernst & Young
  • Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Strasbourg, France Destinations

  • Walking/Boat Tour
  • Welcome/Departure Dinner
  • SMART France (SMART Car)
  • Lectures at the Strasbourg Business School
  • Council of Europe
  • Kronenbourg Brewery
  • "Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace", Alsatian Newspaper

Frankfurt, Germany Destinations

  • Deutsche Bank
  • European Central Bank
Students in Germany
Students on summer abroad trip