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Carroll School of Management

Study Abroad

About 35% of Carroll School students will study abroad during their junior year. Most students will go for one semester, but a few will study abroad for an entire year. 

There are many questions that one needs to consider in making the decision to study abroad. Where should I go? What courses should I take? In starting this process, it is helpful to read the section of this site "Deciding Where to Study" and to make an appointment at the Office of International Programs (OIP). The OIP website also offers helpful tips about things you should consider when deciding if, when, and where to study abroad.

Once you have made your decision about where to study, read the "Preparing for Study Abroad" section to learn about the steps you need to complete before you leave such as getting the Associate Dean's approval and selecting courses.

WHO goes abroad?
Nearly half of Boston College undergraduates participate in some type of international experience by the time they graduate, many of those in the form of a summer, semester, or full year abroad. About 35% of Carroll School students spend a semester abroad. While most of these students are juniors or first-semester seniors, students are eligible for international summer study after their freshman year. All applicants must show evidence of maturity, stability, self-discipline and strong academic motivation, as well as have a 3.0 GPA.

WHAT programs are available?
Carroll School students may enroll in one of Boston College‚Äôs more than 60 programs or an approved externally administered program, or they may construct a program suited to their academic needs with the guidance of their faculty advisor and an International Study Advisor in the Office of International Programs (OIP).

WHERE do students go?
Students enroll in programs across all disciplines in every world region. Increasing numbers of students are studying in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Carroll School students are not required to attend a management school abroad. When selecting your study abroad destination, you will need to consider the availability depending upon the semester you can go, the courses that will be offered there, the languages you can (or cannot) speak, among many other questions. 

WHEN do students need to begin planning?
Undergraduates are encouraged to begin researching international opportunities during the second semester of their freshman year using resources in the Office of International Programs (OIP). Students should also attend a Portico Planning for Study Abroad Workshop during the second semester of freshman year. A follow-up session is offered in the fall of their sophomore year in the Carroll School. 

WHICH classes can I get credit for while abroad?
You may be able to get university core courses, general electives, and courses towards the school of management core or concentrations approved.  See the "Preparing for Studying Abroad" section below for more details.

WHY go abroad?

International study enables students to:

  • Focus their program of study
  • Gain new perspectives on a variety of subjects
  • Exchange ideas and information with people from different cultures
  • Make practical applications of classroom theories
  • Increase awareness of cultural diversity and international issues
  • Cultivate important contacts and lasting friendships
  • Live in a challenging atmosphere that inspires both personal and intellectual growth
  • Increase possibilities for future employment

Now that you have confirmed that you will be studying abroad, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out on-line survey before you can get approval from the Associate Dean's office.

  2. Follow procedures for your desired program. You need to apply to your program through OIP and be aware of different deadlines.

  3. Drop off the "Study Abroad Approval Form" to Fulton 315 for the Associate Dean to sign. The signed form can be picked up 24-48 hours later. This is a preliminary approval to apply for study abroad. (Do not leave this approval until the last minute!)

  4. You must get courses approved before you leave for study abroad. You can identify likely courses by consulting the Office of International Programs, the website of the institution where you will study, and by talking with students who have previously studied abroad. Getting approval will require you to bring a course syllabus to the home department at Boston College and have it approved on a Study Abroad Course Substitution Form. These forms can be found in Student Services and in Fulton 315.

  5. Student Services will not accept Course Substitution Forms after March 1 following a fall semester abroad, or after October 1 following a spring semester of full year abroad. 

Tips for course approvals:

  • The only two Carroll School core classes that may possibly be approved are Organizational Behavior and Operations Management. It is not a guarantee, but a possibility.
  • You can only obtain concentration elective approval from the department after completing the core classes (e.g. Basic Finance or Marketing Principles).
  • To gain approval for Cultural Diversity, students should submit a request on this portal.
  • Course approval contacts: