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Carroll School of Management

Study Abroad

About 35% of Carroll School students will study abroad during their junior year. Most students will go for one semester, but a few will study abroad for an entire year. 

There are many questions that one needs to consider in making the decision to study abroad.  Where should I go?  What courses should I take?  In starting this process, it is helpful to read the section of this site "Deciding Where to Study" and to make an appointment at the Office of International Programs (OIP.)  The OIP website also offers helpful tips about things you should consider when deciding if, when, and where to study abroad.

Once you have made your decision about where to study, visit the "Preparing for Study Abroad" section for the steps you need to complete before you leave such as getting Dean Keeley's approval and selecting courses.


What Students are Saying About Studying Abroad


Henry at a waterfall

Henry, Class of 2016

I studied abroad in the Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Argentina. Studying abroad in Argentina was certainly a unique experience. For me, I knew I wanted to study abroad before I started at BC because I love to travel and immerse myself in foreign cultures. Boston College is really a bubble and studying in another culture is a great way to not only broaden your perspective, but to learn more about yourself. Secondly, going abroad forces you to mature very quickly as you will have an even greater amount of freedom and independence not to mention a plethora of travel and cultural experiences.

I chose Argentina because I had been there twice before and love the country. I chose Di Tella because it had better course offerings for CSOM students. It should be noted that Argentina is a smaller program that is not very structured in terms of events and programs. 

While I did a fair bit of travelling, I look back most fondly on the relationships I formed with people. I made lots of friendships with BC and other international students. It was cool to see the country with my new friends; on one such experience I travelled with a group of Europeans and was the only one who spoke English as his first language. I really enjoyed these comraderies, as I could also further my understanding of European culture even though I was not studying there. 

I'm naturally extroverted, but was a bit shy at the beginning with making friends with locals because of my accent and cultural differences. It was incredibly gratifying that, after taking some risks, I managed to become close friends with Argentines from the gym and Di Tella. Getting to know these people better not only gave me better exposure to culture, but also helped me improve my spanish drastically.

I took classes in Marketing, Contemporary Argentina Film, Latin American Culture and Argentine history. The fact that classes were in Spanish was a real challenge. Keeping up in class was difficult in the beginning of the semester, but there was definitely a learning curve that allowed me to do progressively better and better in my classes. It was a different, albeit invaluable semester on the education side of things.

Bisman at high tea

Bisman, Class of 2016
Finance and Information Systems

I’ve always had a passion for traveling and and last fall I had the privilege of studying abroad in London England on the Boston University London program. Little did I know that I was about to experience the best four months of my life. Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to find out more about myself, taught me independence, responsibility and allowed me to experience a brand new culture! It really gave me the chance to expand my horizons and push myself out of my comfort zone. I created such strong ties with both my abroad friends as well as many locals there- relationships I will cherish forever! Our class schedule was pretty relaxed, so I had plenty of time to travel and explore London. Europe is filled with so much rich history and culture and it was so wonderful to be able to soak it all in. I loved finding out the history of obscure buildings and visiting small museums and finding out what locals did in the evenings, it really made my experience more unique and wholesome.

I think one of my favorite moments abroad was towards the end of our semester and we went to an authentic high tea at Harrods. After a semester of careful budgeting, we decided to splurge one extremely memorable and delightful afternoon. We were treated to fresh scones with cream and jam, finger sandwiches and an endless supply of tea. After all of our adventures, it was so nice to close out the semester in London, the city that now felt like home and reminisce on all of the great times we had in a true British manner.

My academic experience was very different to that on the Heights. I took a class called European Capital Markets which counted towards my Finance Elective. I really enjoyed learning about finance from a European perspective. I also took a British History Class, which fulfilled my history core at BC. I loved this class especially, because our time was split equally between museums and time in the classroom. Everything we learnt from our professor was supplemented by a real life demonstration. For example, when learning about WWII we also took a trip to the Churchill War Rooms, which enhance our academic experience tremendously. Additionally, I did an internship at a financial recruitment firm. This was so much fun as I got to experience British work culture, build on my skills and made friends with all my colleagues.

Jaimin smiling

Jaimin, Class of 2016
Finance and Operations

Studying in Vienna, Austria this past Spring semester was one of the best experiences of my life. I knew that I was heading to a country known for its culture and heritage, but all of my expectations were easily blown away. The University of Economics and Business (WU) is an architectural masterpiece, the city has dozens of museums and parks to enjoy, and the people are very friendly. Throughout the four months that I spent in Vienna and other parts of Europe, I was able to immerse myself into the rich history of each country and explore regions that I would never have thought to visit. My favorite part of the trip was meeting new people from around the world who are just as open to travel and learn, not only in the classroom but also at museums and tours. 

In terms of my education while abroad, I studied at WU, which was close to the city center. I took Strategic Management, International Financial Management, Project Organization & Management, Supply Chain Management, and German Business Communication. It was great to take a German class so that I could speak to locals in their native tongue. However, most classes are at least a few hours long and sometimes up to 8 hours. Though, most classes took place once or twice a week for a month, which is very different from the experience at Boston College. 

Overall, studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience which should be deeply considered by everyone. I am certainly glad I exercised this opportunity and have come away with a better understanding of a European lifestyle and education.