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Carroll School of Management



Shea Center launches CampusTap to link students and mentors

Imagine if there were a website that made finding a mentor as easy as Facebook makes connecting with friends. Aspiring student entrepreneurs at Boston College don’t have to dream. Thanks to the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship, that website exists: it’s the Center’s new online mentorship platform, CampusTap. Read more about CampusTap »

Claudio Quintana ’16 and Andrew Bernstein ’17
Claudio Quintana ’16 and Andrew Bernstein ’17




Shea Center’s summer stipends help students intern with startups

Mike Perry, 2018

New York City is notoriously expensive—so costly that, after Mike Perry ’18 landed an internship there last summer, he considered commuting daily from his hometown, Freehold, N.J., rather than renting a room in the city. That’s no easy trek—it takes an hour and a half each way on a bus. But a summer-internship stipend from the Shea Center let him skip the long slog and live in New York. Read more about the Shea Center Internship Program »




Idea2Launch teaches marketing via hands-on, semester-long project


American educational philosopher John Dewey pioneered the idea, in academia, of learning by doing. Make students do something, not just listen to lectures, Dewey said, and “learning naturally results.” The same sort of thinking undergirds Idea2Launch, a new marketing class in the Carroll School of Management. Read more about Idea2Launch »




Accelerate@Shea gives a boost to student ventures

Brian Harrington with students

Cars have turbochargers. Rockets have booster engines. And students at Boston College have Accelerate@Shea. Like its technological cousins, Accelerate@Shea, the business accelerator at the Shea Center, aims to give an extra push: it helps student entrepreneurs move forward faster in turning their business ideas into companies. Read more about Accelerate@Shea »


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