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Carroll School of Management

2014 Jenks Leadership Program Service Projects

The culmination of the Jenks Leadership program is the service project. In teams of 4-6, Jenks participants design and execute a service project during the third module of their Jenks experience, using the skills and tools they have learned during their first two modules. Rather than assign a project to each team, students are given the opportunity, as a group, to choose an issue they are passionate about and come up with a creative approach to effecting change. Below are examples of a few successful projects.

Eagles Take Action

Eagles Take Action is a day of service geared towards first year students built around the idea of introducing them to community service at BC and showing them the meaning of leading a life of service. With this project, we aimed to present new students to the Jesuit core value of “men and women for others” and Jenks Leadership Program’s emphasis on servant leadership. We partnered with organizations such as JumpStart, Haley House, Edison School, and Boys & Girls Club Dorchester, all of which have preexisting relationships with BC groups. By selecting this diverse group of organizations, we were able to cater to the individual interests of each volunteer and provide them a more meaningful experience. These tailored service opportunities offer a comfortable and friendly environment to foster community and build friendships outside the BC sphere. We ended the day with a panel of students with diverse backgrounds in service, on and off campus, who were able to provide insights about their experiences on volunteering and community building. Although small in its maiden year, we hope that the project will continue to develop and have a long lasting impact on all participants for years to come.

Hygiene for the Homeless

Our group aims to make a donation of hygiene products to the Woods Mullen homeless shelter in Boston. The shelter is run by Friends of Boston Homeless (FOBH), a non-profit organization that supports solution-oriented programs to help the homeless move beyond shelters to lead independent lives. The purpose of our service project stems from every member’s aspiration to help the homeless community in Boston since a large proportion of that community is made up of teenagers and young adults our age. We identified that Boston's homeless shelters were lacking in hygiene products, and this concerned us the most since hygiene plays such a large role in health and quality of life. Therefore, we decided to fund raise and buy the products under the mentality of promoting the health and wellbeing of the Boston homeless community. We pride ourselves in our transparency philosophy when we fundraise, where each of our donors understands what type of hygiene products can and will be bought with each donation. In addition to the donation of hygiene products, we also hope to develop a lasting charitable partnership between FOBH and Boston College.


Our project is to promote sustainability on campus. To do this, we designed a two-pronged campaign centered around Recyclemania, a five-week-long nation-wide competition between colleges and universities to achieve the highest recycling rate. The first component of our project was a promotional campaign that aimed to utilize social media as well as more traditional publicizing methods to increase awareness of and participation in Recyclemania at BC. To do this, we created a Facebook group in which we posted our weekly rankings in the competition, held a poster design competition and posted the winning poster on campus and online, got articles published in The Heights and The Gavel, and held an Instagram "Caught Green-handed" competition. The second component was an event in The Mods. We replaced the tops of the recycling bins with new blue tops, and had passerby sign the inside of the tops to "leave their mark" on BC, and provided information about recycling at BC as well as food, reusable water bottles, and Recyclemania pins.

Voices of the Voiceless

The goal of our Jenks project was to raise awareness about the homelessness population of Boston and highlight the human dignity that every person possesses. To do this, we hosted an event, called "Voice of the Voiceless," in the Murray Function Room on March 26th with 2 formerly homeless individuals from the Faces of Homelessness Speakers Bureau, Peter and Tia. Peter spoke about his experience of living at Father Bill's shelter in Quincy for 7 years while Tia spoke of her trials being bounced around among shelters with her 2 young children. The event was well attended and featured a robust question and answer period in which students were able to interact and converse with the two speakers.