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Carroll School of Management

Research Projects


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At the annual gathering of management scholars in August in Orlando, FL, there are a number of research presentations by BC faculty and doctoral students; here are a few that are especially related to leadership and ethics:

Beth Humberd,  R. Arnett, Judy Clair, J.A. & K. McGinn will present their paper “Becoming a leader: High-achieving women’s construction of professional and personal advancement,” as part of a symposium entitled “Beyond Gender Barriers: Exploring How Women Overcome Obstacles to Career Advancement,” with researchers from Harvard, INSEAD, Stanford, and Virginia.

Simona Giorgi, Christi Lockwood, & Mary Ann Glynn are part of an All-Academy Symposium on “Culture and capitalism: Reconsidering capitalism from a cultural perspective.” They join panelists from HBS, Michigan, Northwestern, and the U of Texas to explore capitalism's pervasiveness, stability, and adaptability, as well as its links to organizational governance, ethics and leadership.

Erica Steckler and Sandra Waddock, are part of an All-Academy PDW "Capitalism in Crisis and Other Conundrums:  Tackling the Big Question" Erica will present on the problem of organizational authenticity by focusing on stakeholder perceptions of a firm's sustainability and how organizational leaders might best address their needs and interests of stakeholders, particularly when their views diverge.



Erica Steckler and Bill Stevenson will present a paper at the American Sociological Association conference in NYC, "Rhetoric, Sustainability, and the Corporate Institutional Field"

Richard P. Nielsen and William Laufler (Wharton) will be co-chair a Society for Business Ethics Symposium on “Too Big To Jail? Legal, Ethical, and Behavioral Implications of the U.S. Justice Department’s Decision Not To Criminally Prosecute Large Financial Institutions.”

In May, Mary Ann Glynn was invited to present “Staying the Same While Changing: Organizational Identity in the Face of Environmental Challenges” at the HBS Change and Sustainability Conference.



Glynn, M.A. “The Burden of Leadership: Being Martha Stewart”