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Carroll School of Management

Research Projects

2016-2017 UPDATES


Hicks, D. & Waddock, S. Dignity, Wisdom, and Tomorrow’s Ethical Business Leader. Business and Society Review. (Forthcoming).

Martin, S. R., Côté, S., & Woodruff, T. How parental income during childhood influences future leader-follower dynamics. Academy of Management Journal. (In press).

Nielsen, R. P. Corruption Reform Methods. Handbook of Business and Corruption: Cross-Sectoral Experiences. Michael S. Ablander and Sarah Hudson, Editors, Emerald Publishers, 2017.

Nielsen, R. P. Ethics Leadership Methods. Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics. Deborah Poff, Editor-in-Chief, Springer, 2017.

Nielsen, R. P. and Lockwood, C. Varieties of Transformational Outcomes From Institutional Ethics Logic Conflicts. Journal of Business Ethics, 136. 2017, print publication; 2016, electronic publication.

Waddock, S., McIntosh, M., Neal, J.A., Pio, E., & Spiller C. Intellectual Shamans, Wayfinder Scholars, and Edgewalkers: Working for System Change. Journal of Corporate Citizenship. Editor’s Introduction, special issue on Intellectual Shamans, Wayfinders, Edgewalkers, and Systems Thinkers: Building a World Where All Can Thrive, June 2016, Issue 62, 35-58.



In August, the 76th annual meeting of the Academy of Management, the world’s largest forum devoted to management scholarship and education was held in Anaheim, CA. Research Director, Mary Ann Glynn served as Program Chair and created the theme: Making Organizations Meaningful. Several BC professors and PhD students presented and discussed their research at the meetings. Prof. Sandra Waddock spoke at several sessions, including, Errors of the Third Kind in Management Research: Creating Meaning in Scholarly Work; Making Organizations Meaningful: Rethinking Management around Dignity and Well-being; and Making Scholarly and Practitioner Lives and Work Meaningful. Professors Richard Nielsen and Jean Bartunek presented their work in a showcase symposium, Making Academic Practitioner Research Partnerships Meaningful. PhD students Christie Lockwood, Andrea Tunarosa, and Lee Watkiss conducted their third highly successful workshop on Measuring Meaning at the Collective Level.