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Carroll School of Management

Winston Center Research

In promoting faculty research and scholarship and encouraging curricular innovation, the Winston Center enriches the life of students and practitioners through fostering the growth of knowledge in the area of leadership and ethics.



Fall 2015 Updates

Richard Nielsen and Christi Lockwood's article, "Varieties of Transformational Solutions To Institutional Ethics Logic Conflicts," was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Business Ethics. Drawing illustrative examples from institutional settings ranging from historical factories to contemporary symphony orchestras, the authors consider manners in conflicting ethics-based beliefs and practices may be combined to yield outcomes that are qualitatively different from their initial component parts. In doing so, Nielsen and Lockwood underline the possibility for leadership that moves beyond traditional "win-lose" outcomes to ethical conflicts and considers instead a variety of transformative solutions that may fundamentally, and hopefully productively, change institutions.
(Updated January 20, 2016)


Current Faculty

Mary Ann Glynn
Research Director, Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics
Joseph F. Cotter Professor of Organization Studies and, by courtesy, Professor of Sociology
Faculty Vita

Jean Bartunek
Professor of Organization Studies
Robert A. and Evelyn J. Ferris Chair
Faculty Vita

Richard Nielsen
Professor of Organization Studies
Faculty Vita

Michael Pratt
O’Connor Family Professor of Organization Studies and, by courtesy, Professor of Psychology
PhD Director, Management and Organization Department
Associate Editor, Academy of Management Journal
Faculty Vita

Past Visiting Faculty

Jane Dutton
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Fall 2009

Lloyd E. Sandelands
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Fall 2009

Jesper Strandgaard
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Spring 2011