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Carroll School of Management

Winston Center Research

In promoting faculty research and scholarship and encouraging curricular innovation, the Winston Center enriches the life of students and practitioners through fostering the growth of knowledge in the area of leadership and ethics.


Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics Summer Day Camp:

(All sessions run from 12PM – 1:30PM.  A light lunch will be served.)

Tuesday, May 20: Network Coherence 101

Victor Seidel, Babson
Fulton Hall 245

"Using network text analysis to measure coherence: An application in a nascent market category"

(Based on his joint work with Tim Hannigan (Oxford) and Marc Ventresca (Oxford))

"We have been using a "network text analysis" (NTA) method to analyze online data to identify conceptual networks in the nascent stages of market category emergence.   In this talk, I will first describe the use of online "rumor community" textual data during market category emergence.  I will then describe the use of NTA during the emergence of the "tablet" market category to inductively identify concepts discussed and to measure relative coherence of discourse over time.  We will discuss applications of NTA to a range of research questions and how it fits with other text analysis methods." 


Thursday, May 29th: Dissertating 101

Mike Pratt, Boston College
Stokes Hall S115


Wednesday, June 11th: Mixed-Methods Designs 101

Mary Ann Glynn, Boston College
Fulton Hall 220


Tuesday, June 24th: Entrepreneurship 101

Mary Tripsas, Boston College
Fulton Hall 250



Recent Winston Center Research

Staying the Same While Changing: Organizational Identity in the Face of Environmental Change

ABSTRACT: Identity is an enduring property of organizations that consists of claims to "who we are" and "what we do" that are made to both internal and external constituencies.  We show how identity -- as a driver of organizational stability and change--plays a role in the adoption of new sustainability practices over time.  Drawing on illustrations from the U.S. hotel industry, we show how identity functions to enable or hinder organizational efforts to become more sustainable.  We examine how the hotel industry, as a whole, came to incorporate sustainability practices and, how, for two hotels in particular, identity played very different roles in their sustainability efforts. Using the lens of organizational identity reveals how sustainability is concerned not only with "what we do" as an organization but also "who we are," in terms of a constellation of organizational values, beliefs and practices.  We also show how organizational efforts to balance identity sameness and difference shift with the institutionalization of sustainability practices at the industry level. We discuss implications for future research on sustainability from an identity perspective and reflect on implications for managers and leaders.


Current Faculty

Mary Ann Glynn
Research Director, Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics
Joseph F. Cotter Professor of Organization Studies and, by courtesy, Professor of Sociology
Faculty Vita

Jean Bartunek
Professor of Organization Studies
Robert A. and Evelyn J. Ferris Chair
Faculty Vita

Richard Nielsen
Professor of Organization Studies
Faculty Vita

Michael Pratt
Fellow, Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics
Professor of Organization Studies and, by courtesy, Professor of Psychology
Associate Editor, Academy of Management Journal
Faculty Vita

Past Visiting Faculty

Jane Dutton
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Fall 2009

Lloyd E. Sandelands
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Fall 2009

Jesper Strandgaard
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Spring 2011