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Carroll School of Management

Lunch With A Leader

Lindsay LoBue '96

Advisory Director, Goldman Sachs

In September, Lindsay LoBue ’96, current advisory director responsible for developing strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives for Goldman Sachs, provided students with critical career advice as they think about life after Boston College. A marketing major at BC, LoBue was determined to pursue a career as a brand manager. Upon graduation, however, she was not excited by the marketing job prospects and entered JP Morgan’s new-hire rotation program, which allowed her to work in various divisions. At JP, she developed a keen interest in sales and trading in the credit derivatives market, and spent the next 17 years on Wall Street in that area.

With a burgeoning interest in technology and coding, LoBue founded a mobile game startup that features a gaming platform for children to learn about Wall Street, which is set to launch in early 2016. Drawing from her experience, LoBue cautioned students that their primary focus should not be on what to major in for future jobs, but on how to identify and develop skillsets that can be transferrable in various areas. She ended her talk with three lessons for success: get comfortable being uncomfortable and own it; focus on the skills you want to use and the environment you want to be in; and be in charge of your career—network, self-promote, and be proactive.