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Carroll School of Management

Chambers Lecture Series

Carey Lohrenz, first female F-14 fighter pilot, presents at the Chambers Lecture Series

Chambers Lecture Series: Lessons in Leadership from a Real-Life Top Gun

by Rachel-Marie Rzeznik, CSOM ’16, Winston Center Ambassador

In the most recent installment of the Chambers Lecture Series, the Winston Center welcomed former Lieutenant of the United States Navy Carey Lohrenz. Her personal story of determination and working against the odds to become the first female F-14 fighter pilot inspired the audience. Lohrenz believes that “courage is the five-second sprint, tenacity the five-hour marathon,” and this is a motto she has always lived by. From the beginning of her experience at boot camp and throughout her career, Lohrenz has displayed resilience and tenacity. She has carried these values through to all parts of her life, from motherhood to authorship. Lohrenz urged the audience to stay committed when it’s no longer fun, to be resilient, and to practice teamwork, trust, and mutual support. Her parting words of wisdom to the group left the students, faculty, and guests feeling called to action: “Don’t wait for an invitation to make a difference; don’t be afraid of the hard work.”