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Carroll School of Management

George J. Mitchell

former majority leader, united states senate

George Mitchell








Northern Ireland Peace Initiative

The man called in to rescue the peace process in Northern Ireland last fall won't be reprising his role as savior any time soon. Speaking to an overflow audience of Greater Boston CEOs at Boston College's Chief Executives Club, Senator George J. Mitchell said the latest impasse-triggered last month by the Irish Republican Army's failure to begin disarming-should be left to political leaders in the troubled province to resolve. Mitchell also told the audience he's optimistic things will get back on track in Northern Ireland. "I believe there will be a resolution there, and I hope and pray for it all the time."

Mitchell also shrugged off suggestions that he would be a good running mate for the now all-but official Democratic nominee, Vice President Al Gore. "I simply don't think it's a realistic possibility," he said. There are other, much more attractive candidates who are more likely to be helpful to the ticket.

A lifelong Red Sox fan who was once recruited as a candidate for Major League Baseball commissioner, Mitchell also urged local business leaders to support the Red Sox's proposed new $600 million ballpark project needed, he said, to remain competitive.

Portions of the above ran in the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.