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James Skinner

Chief Executive Officer, McDonald's Corporation

Driving Growth Today Through Sound Business Strategies and Leadership Principles

At the Chief Executives’ Club of Boston on Tuesday, October 27, James Skinner, chief executive officer of McDonald's Corporation, discussed how, in today’s business environment, companies need to be “even more committed to both doing well and doing good.” Fran Kelly, president and CEO of Arnold Worldwide, introduced Skinner.


“Greater government involvement is not the ideal way for the business community to grow and thrive, and serve its higher purpose of elevating the way we live.” VIEW TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“Consumers continue to be in a retreat mode ... they're looking for ... less sizzle, more safety, more safe ports.”VIEW TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“The downturn that we're in cannot be an excuse for sitting still. [Serving specialty coffee] is a huge investment for us and our franchisees, but that's where the future lies. Either we are part of it, or we'll be left behind.”

“We are supportive of health care reform ... it's really about small businesses—how much [of a] burden will there be. Our businesses are small, by and large, and so ... they will be impacted in that way. But we believe that having access to health care is an important issue.”VIEW TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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 event photos

Speaker's Table Clockwise, from bottom left: Fr. William P. Leahy (President, Boston College); Ronald Sargent (Chairman & CEO, Staples); Robert DeMartini (Chief Executive Officer, New Balance); Robert Reynolds (Chairman, President & CEO, Putnam Investments); Joseph Petrowski (Chief Executive Officer, Gulf Oil - Cumberland Farms); Peter Chase (Chairman, President & CEO, Chase Corporation); John DesPrez (Chairman & CEO, John Hancock Financial Services); John Kaneb (Chairman, President & CEO, HP Hood); Edward Linde (Chief Executive Officer, Boston Properties); Janey Bishoff (Chief Executive Officer, Bishoff Communications); Fran Kelly (President & COO, Arnold Worldwide)

Members of the media crowd around Mr. Skinner following his remarks.