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Daniel A. Carp

chairman, eastman kodak

Chairman of Kodak
Chairman of Eastman Kodak, Daniel A. Carp, discusses the future of his industry at the Boston College Chief Executives' Club of Boston luncheon on June 16, 2005.

Picture this: Kodak may cut Peabody jobs

Eastman Kodak's Peabody facility is in the digital cross hairs.

Daniel A. Carp, Kodak's chairman, said yesterday that the fate of the Peabody plant, which makes gelatin material for traditional camera film, is under review- like other units as Kodak moves more deeply into the Digital Age.

Appearing at Boston College's Chief Executives' Club, Carp said Kodak is only halfway through a strategic transition from being primarily a film company to digital photo technology- and the Peabody plant "will get caught in that process."

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Carp said Kodak is faring well as it shifts to more digital-imaging products.

He added that that traditional film has a "long tail" and will be around for a while.

But the executive indicated that more cuts are on the way.

As part of an overall downsizing, Kodak has already reduced its Peabody work force to about 130 employees from 200 just a few years ago, said Bruce Watkins, general manager of the unit.

Watkins said Kodak will take care of workers no matter what decisions the firm makes over the next three years- a time limit Kodak has set for completing companywide downsizing.

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Article by Jay Fitzgerald
Boston Herald
Wednesday, June 15, 2005