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Michael D. Capellas

president & ceo, mci, inc.

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Michael Capellas addresses the Chief Executives’ Club of Boston.

MCI's chief sees 'Net as limitless
IP networks will soon handle 'everything'

Call it EoIP- Everything over the Internet Protocol.

Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology that lets someone make a phone call using a computer over a high-speed Internet connection, rather than traditional phone lines. But Michael Capellas, chief executive of MCI Inc., says Internet telephone calls are just the start of it.

Capellas said yesterday that he expects "explosive growth' in video streaming, instant messaging, data, phone calling- all using Internet Protocol.

"The question is not VoIP. The question is everything over IP," Capellas said yesterday in a speech to The Boston College Chief Executives Club. "IP networks will carry everything."

Capellas expects all telecommunications networks will ultimately turn to telephony on the Internet.

Thomas May (Chairman, President, & CEO, NSTAR) speaks with George Russell (Executive Vice President, State Street Corp.) at the event.

"Ultimately, we will have a number of vertically integrated companies… who will carry everything," Capellas said. "The customer will want an integrated service, end to end."

Capellas, a former president of Hewlett-Packard and chief executive of Compaq Computer, joined MCI in December 2002, and led the company through its bankruptcy reorganization in 100 days.

The company was known as WorldCom until it exited bankruptcy last April- the largest U.S. corporate bankruptcy in history.

Capellas said earlier this week that MCI has retained advisers regarding a possible sale of the company.

Article by Greg Gatlin
Boston Herald
Friday, September 24th, 2004