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Carroll School of Management


Stephen A. Wynn

Chairman and CEO, Wynn Resorts

"Stephen Wynn talks Resorts, Leadership, and Politics"

Casino magnate Stephen Wynn, chairman and chief executive officer of Wynn Resorts, told the June 8 Boston College Chief Executives Club he expects to open the Wynn Boston Harbor Resort in May 2019—despite legal challenges from the city of Somerville. "As I understand it, the mayor is morally opposed to it," Wynn said of his controversial $2.1 billion casino development. "We’re talking about a place that’s fun to go." A "healthy majority of citizens," Wynn said, recognize that casino development helps spur "tourism, taxes, and jobs." The Las Vegas mogul emphasized the difference between a casino—a "passive thing," and the "experiential" elements of a casino resort—a place "where rooms are beautiful, where the amenities are terrific…where you can live life a little larger than you can every day." Wynn also touched on his ideas of leadership, the importance of customer service, and politics. Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, who is now running for vice president on the Libertarian ticket, introduced Wynn.


"I'm a developer...I never had any real confidence in casino gaming. What gets folks to put up with the inconvenience of air travel and all of the rest, is the non-casino stuff." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

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"Suppose we tell everybody in government to get together, show us how to save some money, be more efficient in your agency. And whatever you save us, you guys get 20% of it as a bonus. You’d see government shrink in two seconds." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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