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Carroll School of Management


David Abney

Chairman and CEO, UPS

"Rules and Reality"

UPS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Abney talked about business challenges and the future of trade at the May 19 gathering of the Boston College Chief Executives Club. Emerging markets, e-commerce, and technology are key concerns for today’s business leaders, Abney pointed out. But trade, he noted, is of paramount importance. "We’ve got to align trade agreements with the realities we face," said Abney. "I really believe the last time we’ve seen so much disalignment between trading rules and reality was the Boston Tea Party." Niraj Shah, co-founder, co-chairman, and chief executive officer of Wayfair, introduced Abney.


"There are enough members of Congress that in the past have supported [the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement] that we think it is still a slight possibility this year...If it doesn’t happen, then we’re going to have to see when the new president comes in." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

"I don’t believe...there’s going to be 10,000 or 20,000 [drones] flying over metro Boston delivering dog food and toothbrushes...when you talk about biogenetics and things that [are] extremely urgent...that are very valuable in rural places especially, I think there’s going to be a use for drones." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

"I just think [the move to self-driving vehicles is] a matter of time. It’s going to create a lot of opportunities...but until policy again catches up with some of this, there’s always going to be the pull about safety and those kinds of issues." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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