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Carroll School of Management


Brian C. Cornell

Chairman and CEO, Target Corporation

"Transforming Target"

"Pick an industry. Whether you’re in financial services, manufacturing, health care, or retail, the kind of disruption we’re seeing today is nothing short of amazing," Target Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Brian Cornell told the February 3 meeting of the Boston College Chief Executives Club. During the last holiday season, more retail consumers shopped online than visited physical stores, Cornell said. Despite that disruption, "our store traffic grew in 2015. Our guests still love the ease and the convenience that comes in that digital channel, but they also love to touch and feel and interact with product. We have to embrace this new digital connection, but we can’t lose sight of the importance of running great stores." Laura Sen ’78, non-executive chairman of BJ’s Wholesale Club, introduced Cornell at the luncheon meeting.


"Whether it’s here in Boston or in Minneapolis or other major cities I travel to, we know that our guests—today’s consumer—are moving back to urban centers. We need to make sure that our brand is there." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

"We have to embrace digital...It’s really the innovation that’s going to drive the future. But, as a retailer, we have to ensure our stores and our supply chains remain the powerful point of differentiation as we go into the future." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

"If we think about our risk maps as leaders, on the very top of that has to be cybersecurity...I actually consider this one of the biggest threats to commerce in America." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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