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Ryan Lance

Chairman and CEO, ConocoPhillips

"Booms, Busts, Sustainability–Navigating Today’s Energy Landscape"

"Few businesses have had to endure a 60 percent drop in revenues over the course of six months," ConocoPhillips Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ryan Lance told the October 22 meeting of the Boston College Chief Executives Club. That’s what the oil and gas industries have experienced, as "a combination of supply growth and weak demand has driven down oil prices to half what they were a year ago," he said. Energy efficiency standards for cars and trucks have grown stricter and technological innovations have increased the availability and supply of energy sources, further slowing demand. Companies that expect to succeed in this "volatile cycling business" have little choice but to cut costs and improve efficiency, Lance said. Eric Slifka, president and chief executive officer of Global Partners LP, introduced the speaker.


"Most exports from the U.S. have been banned since 1975…allowing exports would encourage renewed investment here at home…So that’s my number one on my wish list over the next few months." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

"Estimates have us growing as a world to nine billion people by 2040. And we’re going to need all the energy sources to fuel that economy." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

"The future, I think, is really pretty bright. I mean this confluence of technology has learned how to get oil out of rock…we didn’t even think was possible. So it’s critical to be able to keep doing that technology." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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