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Carroll School of Management


Mark V. Hurd

CEO, Oracle Corporation

"Survive or Thrive? How Will You Modernize Your Business?"

Cloud computing is spurring "a shift in complexity from companies to the R&D of the industry, and an acceleration of features and innovation," Oracle Corporation Chief Executive Officer Mark V. Hurd told a packed Boston College Chief Executives Club luncheon April 22 at the Boston Harbor Hotel. With the IT industry poised to spend some $100 billion on R&D, Hurd said, Oracle’s mission is to help companies manage the transition. State Street Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Joseph L. Hooley introduced Hurd.


"I think you’ll see a lot of innovation in [cyber security]. We’ll wind up encrypting all the data in our cloud....The people running the Oracle cloud won’t have your data. They’ll have encrypted files. That key will be with you, not with me."

"[Business in the United States has] been actually quite stable. And I would say, if you look at pipeline and people looking at opportunities, it’s a pretty active economy here relative to what’s around the globe." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

"From a recruiting perspective, it’s hard to get people to come to Boston…Everybody on the West Coast wants to work on the West Coast. Many people on the East Coast want to move to the West Coast....Now, the flip side of that is that attrition Boston are not high." TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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