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Carroll School of Management


“From The Heights to Hollywood”

When Michael D. White '74 took over as chairman, president, and chief executive officer of DirecTV in 2010, he faced stunning growth in the importance of the Internet, mobility, and the Cloud as well as a sea change in availability of video content, White told the November 20 meeting of the Boston College Chief Executives' Club. He also knew his industry’s dismal reputation for delivering customer service. So White and his team employed what he called a “triangle of advantage”: training attention on developing the best product and technology; providing the kind of service that builds customer loyalty; and offering “the most distinctive and compelling content.” Bob Maresca, president and chief executive officer, Bose Corporation, introduced White.


“I think [the issue of Net neutrality is] an important public policy debate. And I’m hopeful that the FCC will come to a sensible decision that won’t chill the need to continue to invest in higher speeds and more fiber to have more broadband in this country.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“The challenge of [paid TV distribution] is everyone immediately assumes it’s a technology issue. And frankly, they miss the fact that actually it’s a content rights issue—and how you’re going to monetize that content.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“It’s not my decision to stick you with 200 channels…And so I would love to find a way to get a smaller bundle…because we want to participate as millennials [currently renters, who aren’t subscribing to pay TV] change the world.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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