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Carroll School of Management


“The Business of Better Health”

The healthcare system alone can’t be blamed for the crisis in health costs, John Hammergren, chairman, president, and chief executive officer of McKesson Corporation, told the October 2 meeting of the Boston College Chief Executives' Club. “The health of our population bears a great deal of the responsibility,” said Hammergren. He encouraged employers to help their employees become informed healthcare consumers. Wayne Budd, senior counsel at Goodwin Procter, introduced Hammergren. 


“If you actually look at the healthcare systems in this country and compare them to the results other healthcare systems get, we do a pretty good job. If you compare the costs, we don't do such a great job. . . . But I would argue that the healthcare system itself is not necessarily fully to blame.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“The best way to make this industry improve is to have that increment of the consumer constantly forcing evolution. . . . And it’s only going to be possible if policy—both company policy and public policy—helps those consumers become informed and impassioned about their own care.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“In the physician world, when we go away from a market-based pricing regime and we end up with a reimbursement that’s set by a regulator . . . the people that want to take care of our most vulnerable populations are the ones that are least rewarded.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“[Is access to healthcare in Massachusetts and through the Affordable Care Act] actually producing better health outcomes at a lower price? That’s the ultimate objective we should have as a society. We just can’t afford the path we’re on.”