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Carroll School of Management

Thomas J. Falk

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“The Sustainable Enterprise”

Sustainable businesses need consistent growth, Thomas Falk, chairman and chief executive officer of Kimberly-Clark Corporation, told the April 3 meeting of the Boston College Chief Executives’ Club of Boston. Taking care of customers, finding ways to grow both locally and globally, and developing talent are essential for a company to flourish. “The mark of a sustainable enterprise,” Falk said, “is being flexible and agile, taking a look at your portfolio, continuing to make sure you’re in the right businesses.” Fay Donohue, president and chief executive officer of Delta Dental of Massachusetts, introduced Falk.


“In [emerging] markets, the ‘essentials for a better life’ means something else.... We’re trying to be part of a solution to not just go there and bring them great products and great brands, but to also bring them the other essentials for a better life along the way that help.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“Years ago, you tended to move people [overseas] to fill vacancies, and if you got some development out of it, that was kind of a nice thing. Today you have to be much more purposeful and actually force moves to create the development so that you’ve got the people that are ready with the skills that you need.”

“Consumer preferences are pretty consistent around the world, but there are some important differences.... In this digital, mobile, social world, you can do [research and development] a lot quicker than you used to.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“I tell our teams all the time it’s taken us 140 years to earn a reputation as an ethical company, and you can lose it like that if you slip up.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »