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Carroll School of Management

Adam Silver

Commissioner, National Basketball Association

“The World Is Courtside”

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has trained its attention on “global, mobile, and social” ways to interact with its international fan base, newly appointed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told the March 12 meeting of the Boston College Chief Executives’ Club of Boston. Silver touched on topics from player eligibility to preparing for life post-basketball to the creation of a development league during his lunchtime talk. Wyc Grousbeck, managing partner and governor of the Boston Celtics, introduced Silver.


“Technology can help create a virtual courtside experience ... just as if you were in the arena.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“Maybe the mistake historically is we looked at the issue [of the minimum age of players entering the NBA] too narrowly.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“[Preparing players for life post-basketball] begins the day they’re drafted ... and then there’s a continuing education throughout their careers in the NBA.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“Our development league is ... a combination of an independent minor league and an important training ground, not just for basketball players in the league, but for executives as well.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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