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Carroll School of Management

Bill McDermott

Co-chief Executive Officer, SAP

Excerpt from remarks to Boston College’s Chief Executives’ Club of Boston

February 6, 2014

TAKEAWAY: Millennials

This is an unbelievable time for this next great generation to step up. At SAP, I’ve told every senior executive that runs a big business, you will not make me happy unless you have a 20-something running a huge part of this corporation. You will not make me happy unless you get deeply involved in universities all over the world, and we build the relationships with the next generation to keep the company young, keep the company ambitious, keep the company humble, and keep the company on a growth trajectory.

This is so in front of us, and we have such an opportunity to challenge our leaders to do better with youth and get the young ones in these workplaces and get them winning again. If you look at youth unemployment in places like Spain—50 percent youth unemployment. The Middle East has to employ everybody in government because they can’t get commercial jobs. We can change all that with just a vision for the next great generation, the millennial generation.