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Carroll School of Management

Bill McDermott

Co-chief Executive Officer, SAP

“Disruptive Innovation” 

Bill McDermott, co-chief executive officer of software giant SAP, told the February 6 meeting of the Chief Executives’ Club of Boston that large organizations should simplify the delivery of technology in order to move forward. Like SAP, companies should look to Millennials—the “next great generation”—as a key to growth, he said. McDermott also spoke about opportunities for real-time computing in industries ranging from health care to professional sports and about information security. Joseph Tucci, chairman and chief executive officer of EMC Corporation, introduced McDermott.


“I think complexity is the most intractable CEO issue of our time, and I think it’s so important that we make things so simple in these enterprises and we collapse complexity.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“At SAP, I’ve told every senior executive that runs a big business, you will not make me happy unless you have a 20-something running a huge part of this corporation.”

“[Information security is] a race without a finish line. The bad guys are bad. They’re getting worse all the time.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »